Marvin Rotrand, SNOWDON

Marvin Rotrand is the dean of the Montreal municipal council. 

At City Council, he championed better service and expansion of the bus system as well as offering affordable rates. He is responsible for the Healthy Lifestyle Policy adopted by the Côte-des-Neiges-Notre-Dame-de-Grâce borough council. He publicly took a stand to ask the Quebec government to legislate so that nutritional information can be easily accessed through fast food chains.

Councilor Rotrand is also active in matters relating to democracy and the promotion of diversity.



Zaki Ghavitian is the former President of the Order of Engineers of Quebec and of Engineers Canada. Mr. Ghavitian who worked for Hydro Quebec for thirty five years and is internationally known. He will use his expertise to assure the better planning and execution of the city's infrastructure program.



Pierre Lachapelle was a municipal councilor for the district of Fleury from 1986 to 1994. During this period he was chairman of the City of Montreal's Planning and Housing Commission and was a member of the Conseil métropolitain du transport en (CMTC). A biologist by training and a master of project management, Pierre Lachapelle has worked in the community and municipal sectors. Passionate about spatial planning, the environment and sustainable mobility, Pierre Lachapelle was the great defender of Parc Ahuntsic, threatened by a major real estate project in the late 1980s.Pierre Lachapelle remains involved in his neighborhood, concerned with urban planning, heritage and the quality of life. He is a founding member of the "Pollués de Montréal-Trudeau", a committee of citizens concerned about the noise and air pollution generated by planes.Pierre Lachapelle intends to conduct a field campaign close to the voters of Ahuntsic.


for mayor,

I am a detail person; extremely organized and goal oriented. My forte is "getting things done". I am a leader by nature, whether it be in business or in the many team sports that I participate in.

After graduating from McGill university, I ran other people's companies. In 1984, I became a 50/50 partner in a sweater manufacturing company and quickly went from 1.5 million dollars in sales to 6 million. In 1991, I started my own sweater company and grew it from scratch to become a 12 million dollar manufacturer & importer of sweaters, serving the Canadian retail market.

I enjoy a challenge, set realistic goals and "get them done". Today's world is one of technology, communications and customer service. Create an image/brand that fits your operation and then constantly promote it. never sit back - always move forward.



A realtor by profession, Erik Hamon has volunteered for numerous non-profit and community organisations, notably the Montreal SPCA, the Montreal Children's Hospital and housing rights group Project Genesis. 

He plans to use these experiences to help him ensure that the residents of Darlington district are well served by the city of Montreal.

Additionally, he intends to bring the issue of diversity to the forefront at city hall, as well as work towards having a civil service that reflects the population it serves.





Raphael Assor won 20% of the vote in 2013. He has had a successful career in community and government service having held high posts in para-public entities such as Hydro Quebec and been instrumental in building bridges between various ethnic and religious communities. He played an important role in fostering dialogue between Muslims and Jews under the auspices of Multicultural Canada and has sat on the Board of Sainte Justine's hospital.




As a journalist I report on a wide variety of issues and am familiar with the concerns of people from all walks of life. I want to be free to represent your interests in Jeanne-Mance at Montreal City Hall without being hampered by party bosses. This is why I have chosen to run as a candidate with Coalition Montreal a non-traditional democratic party which favours collegiality and free votes. Vote for me and I will vote for your interests first rather than tow any party line."

I support:

• Sustainable development, timely & efficient delivery of services, and local businesses.

• Partnerships between the City of Montreal and the social and economic institutions on its territory to promote the best quality of life for all citizens.

• Parents at the centre of all decisions affecting their minor children in recreation, sports, and youth engagement.

• The full participation of seniors in community life so that the young may draw on their wisdom, life experience, and collective memory.

• Intercultural dialogue and the robust development of the arts.

• Pet-friendly policies and conservation of urban wildlife.

Mostly I support You and want to hear what you have to say about your district and your city.


Shant Karabajak,
Bordeaux Cartierville

Born in 1984 in Montreal Canada, Shant Karabajak has always been a resident of the Bordeaux-Cartierville district, where attended primary and secondary school. Born to parents of Armenian origin who immigrated to Montreal in the 60’s and 70’s, Shant is active in his community spending many years volunteering with various organizations.

Shant started his professional career in the public sector, working for Statistics Canada and Passport Canada. He later took on the role of Director of Sales and Services in the financial industry, where he has been tackling efficiency and optimization challenges for the better part of the last decade.

As a strong believer in public service, Shant has over a decade of experience in political campaigns, where he has participated in many capacities at the federal, provincial and municipal levels. Today he brings this experience to serve the community he has been a part of his entire life.

Shant Karabajak is a graduate of Université de Montréal in Philosophy and currently continues his education at Concordia University in Urban Planning. He was recently awarded membership in the prestigious Golden Key International Honours Society in recognition of his outstanding scholastic achievement. 


CAROLINE ORCHARD, Notre-Dame-de-Grâce

Caroline Orchard brings decades of experience in working with youth and in confronting issues of poverty and exclusion. Orchard says Notre-Dame-de-Grâce would benefit from a Councillor who votes in the interest of constituents rather than of his or her party.






Keeton Clarke is well known in the Black community for his leadership role in many social and cultural organizations. The long time President of CORE Canada (Community Outreach Resource Equity), Mr. Clarke also serves as the President of the Council of Caribbean Associations of Montreal and as Vice President then President of the Centre d’Education Populaire de la Petite-Bourgogne et St-Henri. He is active in the Grenada Day Association which serves the Black community throughout Côte-des-Neiges - Notre-Dame-de-Grâce.


Sault-au Recollet




borough councillor
District Jeanne-Mance
Plateau Mont-Royal

• Co-Founder in 1973 of Jeanne-Mance Parc Community Volleyball.
• Co-founder of the Association Récréative Milton-Parc 1985; volunteer President for 10 years.
• Director General of the Association Récréative Milton-Parc 1999 – 2015.
• Established after-school programs for Jean-Jacques Olier, St. Jean Baptiste and F.A.C.E. schools.
• Established adult and children’s swimming program at the Schubert Pool in 2003.
• Led the effort to save the Schubert Pool from closure by the Projet Montreal in 2011.
• Co-founder of Interaction Peter McGill; Past-President of the Forum Jeunesse Centreville.
• Co-founder of Jeanne-Mance Parc softball league 2004; Children’s Soccer program in 2001. 
• Member Metro CLSC (CSSS) Tables de Concertations for 0 -5 years old, and for 12-35 year olds.
• Member Board of Directors of Garderie Am Stram Gram; the Service de Garde Centre Multi-ethnique St. Louis; FACE School Foundation; Dawson College.
• Co-founder of the  Centre Communautaire Galeries du Parc in 2011.
• PRIMO in charge of Federal, Provincial and Municipal elections at the Centre Multi-ethnique St. Louis, 1996 - 2014
• Local Hero Award from Brasserie Molson in 1998.