Caroline Orchard Coalition Montreal Candidate in NDG

Communique: Immediate Release: August 28, 2017

Marvin Rotrand, leader of Coalition Montreal, the third option for the November 5 municipal election, today proudly announced that well known community activist Caroline Orchard has been nominated the party’s candidate in Notre Dame de Grace district.


Ms. Orchard has several decades of experience in working with youth and in confronting issues of poverty and exclusion. 


A long time Notre Dame de Grace resident, organizations founded by Ms. Orchard have won recognition from the Borough Council and praise from provincial and municipal elected officials. If elected, Ms. Orchard will bring valuable insight to City Council debates on social issues that affect the neighbourhood.


“I support Coalition Montreal because it wants to make Montreal City Council better, less partisan and more solutions-based like Toronto.” says Ms. Orchard. “We should be electing good candidates rather than choosing municipal parties which are simply vehicles for their Mayoralty candidates. The best ideas should be adopted.”


Ms. Orchard pledges to run an effective door to door campaign hoping to personally meet thousands of NDG voters.

miranda flaig