CDN-NDG Up for Grabs: Coalition Montreal team in CDN-NDG headed by former President of Order of Engineers of Quebec

Announcing the Coalition Montreal team for Cote des Neiges - Notre Dame de Grace today, Marvin Rotrand stated that every seat in the Borough is now up for grabs.

Heading the team will be Zaki Ghavitian, the former President of the Order of Engineers of Quebec and of Engineers Canada. Mr. Ghavitian who worked for Hydro Quebec for thirty five years and is internationally known will use his expertise to assure the better planning and execution of the city's infrastructure program.

Rotrand, the dean of City Council who has served uninterruptedly since 1982, will again seek reelection in Snowdon district. Rotrand is a strong advocate of Marcel Cote's 2013 proposals for a less partisan City Council based on more pragmatic decision making and free votes. He will work to to reduce the hyper-partisanship at Council caused by Montreal's party system. Like Cote, Rotrand says it's a City Council, not a Parliament.

Running in Notre Dame de Grace district is well known community activist Caroline Orchard who brings decades of experience in working with youth and in confronting issues of poverty and exclusion. Orchard says Notre Dame de Grace would benefit from a Councillor who votes in the interest of constituents rather than of his or her party.

Cote des Neiges candidate Raphael Assor won 20% of the vote in 2013. He has had a successful career in community and government service having held high posts in para-public entities such as Hydro Quebec and been instrumental in building bridges between various ethnic and religious communities. He played an important role in fostering dialogue between Muslims and Jews under the auspices of Multicultural Canada and has sat on the Board of Sainte Justine'shospital.

Darlington candidate Erik Hamon, incarnates the desire of the district's large Filipino population to have a visible minority representative at City Council. Mr. Hamon an expert in property evaluation and a real estate broker obtained 30% of the vote in 2013. He believes this visible minority majority district is not receiving the attention it deserves. 

Loyola candidate Keeton Clarke is well known in the Black community for his leadership role in many social and cultural organizations. The long time President of CORE Canada (Community Outreach Resource Equity), Mr. Clarke also serves as the President of the Council of Caribbean Associations of Montreal and as Vice President then President of the Centre d'Education Populaire de la Petite-Bourgogne et St-Henri. He is active in the Grenada Day Association which serves the Black community throughout Cote des Neiges - Notre Dame de Grace.

Coalition Montreal has made having the balance of power at City Council its minimum electoral goal. It hopes however to win the majority on the Cote des Neiges - Notre Dame de Grace Borough Council.

miranda flaig