Coalition Montreal - Looking at City Council differently

Coalition Montreal was founded by Marcel Cote in 2013 with the goal of being a different sort of municipal party. Marcel passed away in 2014 but his ideas have continued to impact how Montreal Council functions.

Marcel created a group dedicated to building a more collegial, less partisan City Council, attracting former members of different municipal parties as well as people new to Montreal politics. 

When created four years ago, Coalition Montreal proposed a program built around several big ideas but promised that there would be no party line which supporters would be compelled to follow. Indeed, other than on the fundamentals of the program, the Coalition Montreal Councillors would be, and have been, free to vote their consciences.

Marcel campaigned on a solutions-based City Council, rather than one sharply divided along party lines where everyone votes for whatever their party whip says rather than on the evidence that leads to the best decision. His goal was to best serve the needs and interests of citizens and taxpayers.

Marcel, campaigning with limited means, attracted 13% of the vote for Mayor in 2013 and Coalition Montreal elected 6 members to City Council.

Marcel questioned whether municipal parties really were in the public interest. He noted that most major Canadian municipalities don't have a party system at all, and as a consequence those Councillors seem to be closer to their residents. 

He believed our Council should be more like a Council and less like a Parliament.

In that spirit, the Coalition Montreal Councillors are proud that they have been able to work with all groups in Council during this mandate. The Coalition Montreal caucus feels that its contribution to Council's debate has been positive, which may explain why many of Coalition's motions have been adopted. 

Moreover, on several key occasions, Coalition amendments have provided the compromises that Council needed to bridge what appeared at times to be unbridgeable situations. 

Marcel hoped to see an economic renaissance in Montreal. But foremost he wanted all of Montreal's people to share in the fruits of a successful city. That explains why Coalition Montreal has championed investment and job creation while promoting the role of Montreal's diversity. 





• Improve how Montreal's road maintenance program is carried out. Many of our problems aren’t related to winter weather but to poor planning and overall inadequate investment. We need to fix roads properly, and not just have an election year blitz.

• Improve City’s response time - the supposed "smart city investments" have not led to better customer service. 311 must be improved and citizens should be able to track their files as they move through the municipal services.

• Build a more consensual, non-partisan and productive City Council. Toronto’s model works. Montreal’s model leads to too many useless arguments between political parties. 

• Continue work to address the under representation of visible and ethnic minorities in the civil service and at Council. Note - 31% of Montrealers are visible minorities. 1% of firefighters are visible minorities. Most services don't reflect Montreal's composition.